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The Flock: A Bird’s Eye View

Our Flock is comprised of a dedicated team of individuals who take pride in their work and company culture. For over 50 years, our Flock has directly contributed to the successful completion of thousands of projects that have helped shape and transform the Greater Toronto Area and Atlantic Canada.

Bird Mechanical demonstrates ingenuity and innovation by driving a culture of collaboration amongst our employees. We have a team of resourceful and experienced employees which have been hired with diverse backgrounds within the industry and trade specialties. Our end goal is to support and synergize different perspectives, experiences and knowledge to lead by example.

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A Big Nest But a Small Family

Bird Mechanical is a hybrid between a large corporation and a small family business. We are equipped with the facilities, tools, resources, equipment, benefits and the financial strength of a large corporation; however, we embody the atmosphere and culture of a small family business. Our Executive Management Team has an open-door policy for employees. They are here to listen, encourage and support. At Bird Mechanical we believe in mentoring our employees to set them up for success.

Our philosophy is “to be the best in the industry, not the biggest”. We encourage a culture of innovation by allowing our employees to share their knowledge, skills and experience and to make suggestions and recommendations in a supporting and inclusive space.

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Inclusion and Diversity: We Like Birds of All Feathers

At Bird Mechanical a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace is one where all employees and subcontractors, whatever their intersecting identity is, feels valued and respected. We are committed to a non-discriminatory and inclusive approach to provide equal opportunity for employment and advancement in all of our departments, programs, and worksites. We respect and value our employees and the communities we serve, voices are valued and heard. We are committed to modeling diversity and inclusion for all, and to maintaining an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all.

careers at bird mechanical

Flock This Way

At Bird Mechanical we are always looking for individuals who take pride in their work and want an enjoyable yet challenging environment that will allow their talents to flourish. Our reputation for quality workmanship and customer service has been built up over the years through employees who are driven to be the best.

Interested individuals should send their resume to:

Bird Mechanical Ltd.
1201 Nicholson Road
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 9C3